Vancouver Boat Clean

Decks Awash has taken over Vancouver Boat Clean

We do the work... so you can play! Vancouver Boat Cleaning is a Vancouver based yacht detailing service company. It takes great pride in its professional boat and yacht detailing. Entering our 5th year of service, Vancouver Boat Cleaning has consistently achieved a reliable and friendly service for boat and yacht owners.

Vancouver Boat Clean

Lindsey Hu has who sold Vancouver Boat Clean to Decks Awash Yacht Cleaners. Ralf Schwiede the owner of Decks Awash is happy to keep on servicing the customers of Vancouver Boat Clean at the same highest level of customer service, quality and reliability, his current Decks Awash customers are used to.
When Lindsey and Ralf met the first time, her first statement was: I don’t really want to sell this business. It is so much fun and I love it. But due to other commitments and planned travel time, I just do not have the time it needs to take care of Vancouver Boat Clean. I am therefore very happy, that we found can hand over Vancouver Boat Clean to Ralf, who as well loves to be in the boating industry and is a passionate boater himself.

What we do!

As we enter the fifth year of service, Vancouver Boat Clean has displayed nothing but reliable and friendly service to boat and yacht owners.  With a 100% repeat clientele, you can be sure your boat or yacht are in good hands every step of the way.  With all of our crew being active boaters, we have the experience to handle any situation.  Our wide range of service that we offer expands to areas of Vancouver like Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Coal Harbour Marina, The Bayshore West Marina, The Bayshore Marina, Quayside Marina, The Vancouver Rowing Club and so on.

  • Interior and exterior yacht cleaing
  • Washing
  • Cut polish
  • Waxing
  • Detailing engine rooms
  • Mold removal
  • Canvas cleaning
  • Vinyl cleaning
  • Meeting with sub-contractors
  • Other special request
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